Depth of Life

Ralph Waldo Emerson Minimalist Poster Quote

Title : DEPTH Article 01026 "It's not the length of life. But the depth of life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, this minimalist illustration depicts one of his famous quote

A cool way to illustrate an object into a word. I like how the moon and it's reflection creatively represent the "O"s,

Black art // I like how the designer play with the shape of the letter O to reinforce the concept of the Moon.

This logo is simple, but decorative. The text is utilized well, so it makes the picture look like an orange.

20 Successful Fruit & Vegetable Logo Designs

- This Logo is a really cool twist on fresh fruit, I think its super clever, and it's very hard to be successful scrunching text like this but it works here! - Delicious Fruit & Vegetable Logo Designs for Inspiration

oh me oh my / typography /

The color of this piece is really eye catching and the texture makes the poster less flat. The color also allows for an asymmetrical design even though the type is centered.

Fantastic lettering effect by @rikoostenbroek - #typegang - free fonts at | #typegang #typography

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Typography: Killer lettering effect–evokes a painterly stylistic version of the galaxy (.which somewhat reflects the text)

COLOR: I love the dead design from yesteryear. The color use in the 70s and early 80s was fantastic. It's like they stuck to the principles of the color wheel. This reminds me of old SONY VHS tape cases. It's hypnotic in a way.

Let's talk numeric design. Dark color dominance over summer palette.

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YearProject 1970

This type of style is common in retro designs. There is lots of color and diagonal lines. The lines of color catch your eye move it through the logo.