Dog Health Problems by Breeds

Common dog health problems by breeds, such as common health problems in Chihuahua, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Shih tzu, and more.
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Common health problems in Shih Tzu dogs.

Shih Tzu Health Problems

Don't let allergies keep you from finding a beloved family pet. Check out our list of the best small breed hypoallergenic dogs for your family.

Pomeranian Health Problems

Common Pomeranian Health Problems

Common Pomeranian health problems include problems that generally affect small breed dogs, such as hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, and teeth problems. They are also prone to some other health issues.

Is your dog overweight? Find out how to use supplements, a natural diet, and exercise to help your dog lose weight.

Weight Loss for Dogs

Information on chocolate toxicity in dogs - Learn more about the symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs and what to do if your dog ate chocolate.

Common Chihuahua health problems.

Chihuahua Health Problems

Information on canine vaccines and canine vaccination - the pros and cons of dog vaccination, and an example of a holistic dog vaccination schedule.

Common health problems found in Yorkies.

Yorkie Health Problems

Got a pug? Want to know what common pug health problems are? Read this page to find out.

Pug Health Problems

Common pug health problems include eye and respiratory issues. Read this page to learn more about health issues that afflict pugs and how to use natural dog remedies to help your pug.

Common health problems in Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Health Problems

CBD hemp benefits dogs as well as people. Find out how you can use hemp products such as hemp oil to enhance the health and quality of life of your dog.

Use natural remedies to help tackle autoimmune disease in dogs.

Autoimmune Disease in Dogs - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Autoimmune disease in dogs is explained in detail in this page - the causes, examples of some such diseases, and how to use natural remedies to treat or support dogs with this type of disease.

Find out some common health problems that German Shepherd dogs have.

German Shepherd Health Problems

Common german shepherd health problems include health issues that tend to afflict large breed dogs, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and bloat.

Common health problems in beagles.

Beagle Health Problems

What are some common Beagle health problems? If you have a Beagle or plan to get one, be sure to learn more about some possible health issues that this dog breed may have, and how natural remedies can help.