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Soccer is and always will be my first love ⚽

Soccer Can Be Easy When Using These Tips. Winning the game is one of the biggest thrills of playing sports. If you want to be a better soccer player, y

I made this of Cole Sprouse so now I have blessed you all with a very new guy Faceclaim.

Story of my life!

Always the bottom half of my hair. They look like beautiful semi loose curls but then the top of my head looks like frizzy Jesus hair

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actually one day i was sick (like really really deadly killmenow sick) and at lunch this guy was like "lol [girls name] has to give [guys name] a bl*wjob" and the principal walked in just as he said it omg my friends told me this i laughed so hard

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thetuxlife: Lolo Jones was winning the hurdles in the 2008 Olympics, when she tripped on the second to last hurdle! Now she looks for redemption at the London Olympics. - I lost 26 pounds from here EZLoss DOT com