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a cat is sitting on top of a sheep in the snow
More Favorite Sheep
a small dog wearing a red devil costume
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a brown and white dog playing with two stuffed animals on a wooden decking area
Dogs With Crazy Eyes
a small brown and white dog standing on top of a black couch with its tongue hanging out
I <3 Corgies!
a white baby bodysuit with an orange and black print on the chest that says, sorry tonight my girl
This is too funny
the reflection of an umbrella and other objects in water on a surface that appears to be multicolored
hover animals
a cat sitting on top of a skateboard with a hat on it's head
I don't think this kitty appreciates this very much...
I can't stop laughing!
a lamb standing next to a bunch of chickens in the grass with a poem written on it
Best Friends.
a small white dog with a top hat and mustache
Random Funny Memes, Funny Memes of the Day - I Waste So Much Time
This is officially the cutest dog ever!
a small orange kitten sitting on top of a green blanket with its eyes wide open
Orange Tabby Kitten. Looks familiar!
a cat sitting next to a shopping cart with vegetables in it and the caption says, but to make me some more gaiiz
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healthy eater
two pictures one with a dog and the other with a cat sleeping in a bowl
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
I'll just eat around kitty.
two cats sitting on a chair with the caption let me eat you
Cat Pics and Gifs