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50 Things You Can Do With Your Toddler While Caring For Your Newborn - Betsy's Photography

"As mom of now two boys, there are days when I’ve reached the end of my creative rope, so to speak. It’s not that I’m overwhelmed, but that I’ve run out of ideas for keeping my toddler engaged while caring … Read More"

For most of the summer I had been doing great on not yelling, on enjoying my kids and having a good handle on my anger triggers, but after some emotional upsets and long days alone with the kids I was operating on a short fuse. In the Put Ups and Put Downs course kids describe Put Downs. It's not like information I don't know, but suddenly I had an "Oh $#!+ moment as I watched the kids demonstrating Put Downs...

The Day I Realized I was Bullying My Kids. This is such an important thing to read about and change if we need to! Love the idea of this verbal cue to help family's communication to be better, even if you don't yell at each other.