Finch, beautiful yet evil Finch. Finch : Beauty in Shadows

Panik Bat by geN8hedgehog

Well, I fished this sketch out of. I thought it was so cute, I just had to give Panik some colour!

Natalie for Ashley-chan by geN8hedgehog

And here is my half of a trade with the lovely I'm churning them out tonight aren't I? This is Ashley-chans' and her bf's daughter, . Natalie for Ashley-chan

Mage the Cat by gen8

Mage the cat, one of 7 cat sisters created a whole 12 years ago. Mage the Cat

Jezz Weasel by gen8

Very old character of mine, Jezz the Weasel! Her old design wasn't appealing at all anymore, so think it was about due time to get her up-to-date.

Audio by gen8

Audio by on deviantART

Blackitha by gen8

(And no I have no idea why those skulls are so small, pretend they bel.

Clay Echidna

I'm hopeless at male echidnas' faces so I think I borrowed a bit from the comic's style.

Nova Bobcat

Wow I've gone from echidna's and hedgehogs into drawing cats o_O You'll be pleased to know this is A BOY! A few flaws, like his head seems too big now, .


Yay art from Gen, and it's decent this time, and she LIKES it this time! Dandy the Lioness


Nera is the sister of Pippa! Took a long time to come up with a good name, too. I think the introduction of blue into this pic doesn't make her look AS .


My long overdue gift for *begs for forgiveness* For being my visitor! Yep long overdue as I said. Here is his adorable spider girl named Tye, and. Tye for Terrichance

Jun Mei Lin for Nalem by geN8hedgehog

Whew now this one took 3 hours longer than expected.mainly because I thought it'd be nice to use the pen tool for the linework! Jun Mei Lin for Nalem

Anna-Lee for BonnFox by geN8hedgehog

Here you go Bonn! ^o^ My comp was being a poo-head last night so this took me hours longer than I anticipated and I had to touch it up this morning. Anna-Lee for BonnFox

Cathra for StarShock12 by geN8hedgehog

And the trades just keep on coming tonight! Here is the phunky Cathra for the lovely who did a wonderful version of Berri for me, check it.

Storm Fox by geN8hedgehog

Another old character that was due an update, Storm! (in desperate need of a better name, ack!) Changed her clothes drastically, them old ones were emba.