Thailand (My Scrapbooking Pages)

A photo journal of our life in Thailand Oct 2007-Feb 2009.
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Waterfall, Doi Inthanon -

One of several waterfalls encountered on the way to the peak of Doi Inthanon the highest peak in Thailand Note the jackets it was cool up here in the jungle

Chiang Mai Zoo -

Honest this is not a postcard See me in the bottom photo feeding a banana to a giraffe The star attraction at this huge zoo are the pair of pandas real life teddy bears The top middle photo reminded me so much of Donkey in the movie Shrek

River Travel -

Text reads In the foreground is a large boat used for tourist tours At the peir is the River Express Taxi Boat that we use to get along the river and into Bangkok The background building is a huge private school All as seen from our window With the slight

Koh Tao-Xmas -

Just a couple of beach shots taken on the island of Koh Tao during our visit there for Christmas Wild palm tree straight out over the water No climbing allowed This is done from the sketch created by Rodeeogrl for paper scrappers And created on PS which I

River Travel BKK I -

Three examples of the small craft that provide transportation on THE River in Bangkok These three are private shuttles run by various hotels along the river I have lotys of picctures of many many different boats and will do several LOs of them The Mai Nam

Grand Palace 2 -

62 royal acres of gold leaf

Warorot Flower Market -

Blocks and blocks of flowers in the Warorot Day Market Orchids mums roses bird of paradise and just about every other exotic flower that exists The smell here is unbelievabe

What's Wat? -

A Wat is a Buddhist Temple of which there seem to be thousands in Bangkok At last a picture of the two of us a few days after our arrival here

The Pub-Chiang Mai -

Mazuntex's Gallery: The Pub-Chiang Mai

iiuafauao (???) -

My English keyboard just does not do the trick here so we ll call this McDonalds I love it that Ronald standing outside the door is in the traditional Wa stance of Thai greeting Further along in the mall I also came to a KFC another familiar face of fastf

Anchient Bonsai -

A few more photos taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok Some of these bonsai are several hundred years old and differ from Japanese bonsai in that they are allowed to grow large These are in front of the reception banquet hall The font I have used here is

Batik -

I have done batik several times in my life but long ago I decided that if I was ever in Thailand I would find a school where I could learn the Thai techniques from the batik experts These are the four projects I just finished all done with a different tec

Loy Kratong  - Parade -

Text reads 3 full nights of parades complete with gorgeous lit up floates and lots of pretty girls All this while people set kratongs into the river to give thanks for the water and also while thousands of hot air lanterns were lit and set into the sky A

Loy krathong Festival -

Here we are setting our Krathong also spelled Kratong into the river to give thanks to the water goddess for giving us this river which in turn gives us life An interesting part of the Kathong Festival all of which centers around these krathongs they are