Allow parents and students the opportunity to get to know their teacher better by giving them this Editable Meet The Teacher Night Handout at Open House, or send home on the first day of school with your welcome packet.

Use these forms at Open House so your students and parents can get to know you. Also included in this bundle are two get to know your student pages. Take your pick depending on if you teach older or younger grades and keep students busy while parents are

Where do I live? This is such a great geography activity for kids of all ages - preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade (homeschool, geography)

A great geography activity for young kids (pre-K to grade). Also a great idea for teaching the different levels of organization in ecology (populations, community, ecosystem, etc.

Organisateurs textuels

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Teach Your Child To Read - La lecture (affiches pour les stratégies de lecture: universdemaclasse. ) - TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast and Fluent Reader!

Terminaisons des verbes

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Les adjectifs possessifs poster (image only) #francais #french

Les adjectifs possessifs

Le cahier de Pénélope: Mes 5 étapes pour enseigner le récit Modèle de feuille gratuit

Le cahier de Pénélope: Mes 5 étapes pour enseigner le récit Modèle de feuille gratuit

<b>Start the year out right.</b>

Have a self-service spot for kids who were absent.

Tip: Absent Bin to place missed work inside the folders (which are labeled days of the week). Also have a sign off sheet to verify that the absent student received the work.

Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing

Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing.I LOVE this as a grading code for my middle schoolers, but change the P to pronom, as they have punctuation down, but still make lots of pronoun errors.

Jeu de Verbes

Jeu de Verbes

Projet d'arts plastiques pour le 2e cycle et plus. Créer une oeuvre à la manière de Norval Morisseau. Convient aussi pour le secondaire. Vous aurez besoin d'acétate, de feutre permanent noir et d'acrylique. Il est intéressant de greffer cette activité avec vos cours d'univers social. La grille d'évaluation est incluse.

Automne: Arts plastiques: Automne fauviste, plan de cours en français