coffee filter hair flower

This is just another experiment with mixing colours on these coffee filter roses. I'm sure you are all getting sick of seeing these by now.

feather headband

I was officially 30 weeks pregnant as of last Wednesday. The Burly Q Babies Burlesque and Cabaret show is officially booked for June .

paper hair flower

paper hair flower

coffee filter hair flower

I'm going to try and promise that this will be it for a more hair flowers.I promise.

feather hair piece

So many wonderful things have happ.

buttons and ribbons

Things that make me happy

costume headbad

After a long night of techno music pumping through the floor in the bedroom I am miraculously rather bright eyed and bushy tailed this mo.

Costume headband

In the next couple of months I will be producing a burlesque show, moving to a new apartment and then topping it off by giving birth.