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an ancient stone block with designs on it
Mesopotamian Eye Idol Plaque, Euphrates Valley, Late Uruk Period, Late 4th ML BCE
an ancient statue holding a tray with designs on it's body and hands,
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Jiroft carved chlorite vessel. Iran, c. 3000 B.C.
a statue of a person sitting on top of a wooden block with two hands in the shape of a heart
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien - Shop
"Vénus de Parzadzik " culture Vinca, la plus ancienne culture néolithique en Europe du Sud-Est, période -5500 -4500 avant J.C.
an old black vase with designs on it
Vente aux enchères de IDOLE AUX YEUX. Grande idole aux yeux, le corps quadrangulaire...
IDOLE AUX YEUX. Chlorite ou stéatite noire. Proche-Orient, ca. 3000 av. J.-C. H_20,2 cm
an old clay vase sitting on top of a table
Seimeni - neolitic şi pre-neolitic
an ancient vase with two birds on it
Amazingly stylised family portrait... parents and a baby... almost 5000 years old | Early Bronze Age Stone Double-Headed Disc-Shaped Figurine and Child | Origin: Central/Western Anatolia | Circa: 3000 BC to 2500 BC
several different types of ancient artifacts are shown in this collage, each with an animal's head and eyes
More on the eye idols, these are considered to be the first representations of the Gods from the region of Syria at around 3,500 Bc, and the...
an ancient object is shown on a black background and it looks like something from the past
Mesopotamian Stone Spectacle Idol, c. 3000 BCE. The architectonic base of rectangular form with rounded edges, decorated with reed houses with characteristic arching doorways, band of zigzags and chevrons above, the "eyes" on a long conical-shaped neck.