Clever Countdown: With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. Because the numbered coverings are held on by magnets, you'll be able to bake with the pan again after Christmas.

Creative Holiday Crafts for Kids

Clever Muffin Pan Advent Calendar - what a great homemade gift idea for a grandchild. And when Christmas has past, mommy has a new muffin tin!

What Do We Do All Day?: FIve Moon Activities for Kids

Five Moon Activities for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

Do your toilet paper rolls stack up like ours do? Well, there are brilliant toilet paper roll crafts for you to do with your kids. It& a great way to re-use them. We& rounded up 18 ways you can create awesome things with toilet paper rolls.

DIy Advent Calendar with condiment cups + tissue paper-kids will like punching it open

DIy Advent Calendar with condiment cups + tissue paper.or discarded coffee flavor cups?

Star advent lantern

DIY Tutorial: Star Advent Calender: Wesens-Art- Directions and printables to create a unique advent calender. Each little star has a box for little gift.

shape it as a moon& star.

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