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Les nombres 1 -10

A simple work sheet for introducing the numbers 1-10. When it has been completed with the numbers written in, adult could then tell the children what colou...

Calendrier perpétuel pour la classe

Une de mes passions étant le scrap, l'été dernier je me suis lancée dans la création d'un calendrier perpétuel pour ma classe, celui que j'avais fait avant étant tombé en rade! J'ai tout...

'Qu'est ce que tu aimes?' French Discussion Poster and Cards

These French discussion posters are the perfect way to get students talking about their likes and dislikes. This can be used to share personal preferences such as favourite foods, sports, memories, or can be used to reflect on learning, for example reading responses. Print and display a poster for e...

NUMBERS to 5 TEACHER WORKSHEET / French Printable for Counting | Etsy

French printable language learning for counting numbers. Printable Activity for KS1 and KS2 - NUMBERS ( 1 to 5 ) - COUNTING and COLOURING ACTIVITY ( Can you colour the group with the correct numbers) French Printable for colouring the correct group of items. This teachers resource support French

Free Kindergarten Language Worksheets - Learning the basics of foreign languages.

Get free language worksheets for kindergarten. Download, print, or use the kindergarten worksheets online.

French Greetings Match

Match the French to English expressions by writing the number. - ESL worksheets

Nouveau décor pour la classe : les hiboux !

Ressources pour la classe de français

Board Game - Describing people

This board game covers the topic of personality and physical description. Especially useful for young learners. Grammar structure: "He has green eyes". "She is tall". "Her hair is long", etc.Advisable to print in colour for a better visualisation of physical traits. - ESL worksheets