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Wedding videos that make you go 'AWWWWW' & 'WOO HOO' & 'WOW'...we can't categorize these videos because there's a little bit of everything! Post-viewing symptoms and activities may include: EVERYTHING after watching an Epic, Romantic, or Fun wedding video!

We first connected with Leann through Joanie's sister, Carolyn. They both worked together in the past doing a tireless and amazing job working with autistic Toronto Wedding, Wedding Videos, Gta, Videography, Hamilton, Romantic, Concert, Concerts, Romance Movies

Malaparte | Toronto Wedding | Leann + Mike

Wedding Videography Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, GTA

We first met Tara and Josh at a wedding we were filming earlier this year - Patrick + Kathy. They were both part of the wedding party, but we had no idea they Outdoor Venues, Toronto Wedding, Wedding Videos, Wedding Ceremony, Centre

Ascott Parc Event Centre | Toronto Wedding | Tara + Joshua

Wedding Videography Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, GTA

Destination wedding filmed in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Beautiful venues, stunning scenery, pinatas, cocktails, and an impromptu pool party - what more can you ask for? Wedding Videos, Destination Wedding, Scenery, Cocktails, Romantic, Film, Party, Beautiful, Craft Cocktails

La Casa Que Canta | Zihuatanejo, Mexico | Wedding Video | Michael + Michelle

HenjoFilms travel to Zihuatanejo, Mexico to film a wedding at the beautiful La Casa Que Canta venue. For more info on this wedding and video, check out our blogpost…

HenjoFilms travels to Shangri-La Banquet Hall & Convention Centre to shoot their latest wedding video! For more info on this wedding and video, check out our… Shangri La, Wedding Videos, Convention Centre, Banquet, Romantic, Check, Banquettes, Romance Movies, Romantic Things

Shangri-La Banquet Hall | Markham | Wedding Video | Karain + Derrick

HenjoFilms travels to Shangri-La Banquet Hall & Convention Centre to shoot their latest wedding video! For more info on this wedding and video, check out our…

What an entrance! Gianni needs to audition for Bon Jovi STAT! I’ve never seen someone sing along to an entrance song with such gumption and emotion – it was truly the perfect start, to a perfect evening! We knew after that night, that we needed to do the entrance justice by making it the intro to the whole video - it deserved to stand on its own! (www.henjofilms.com) Entrance Songs, Wedding Videos, Bon Jovi, Singing, Romantic, Night, Romance Movies, Romantic Things, Romance

Paradise Banquet Hall | Vaughan | Wedding Video | Gorett + Gianni

Wedding was held in Paradise Banquet Hall in Vaughan. For more details on Gorett + Gianni's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/paradise-banquet-hall-wedding-video-vaughan-gorett-gianni/…

Warm, genuine, joyful, and full of character – Christine and Mark's smiles were completely infectious! It must’ve been LOVE AT FIRST SMILE when these two first met! Although we didn’t get to meet Christine's dad, we could tell his spirit and energy was there with everyone on the day! We were very happy to include old footage of him in this video to incorporate the strength of his presence in everyone’s hearts. (www.henjofilms.com) Country Club Wedding, Wedding Videos, Videography, Joyful, First Love, Strength, Hearts, Spirit, Romantic

Christine + Mark | Oslerbrook Golf and Country Club | Collingwood | Wedding Videography

Wedding was held at Oslerbrook Golf and Country Club in Collingwood. For more details on Christine + Mark's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/oslerbrook-golf-country-club-wedding-video-collingwood-christine-mark/…

Kin Mei + Michael - Bridesmaids in the Sakura Maxi Convertible Dresses in Deep Teal Perfect Wedding, Dream Wedding, Pink Umbrella, Deep Teal, Toronto Wedding, A Perfect Day, Wedding Videos, Bright Pink, Romantic

99 Sudbury | Toronto | Wedding Video | Kin Mei + Michael

Wedding held at 99 Sudbury in Toronto. For more details on this wedding wedding, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/99-sudbury-toronto-wedding-video-kin-mei-michael/…

Gangnam Style...we couldn’t resist! It’s the song that won’t go away, gets stuck in your head, and is so darn catchy! It was basically the theme song of the day and night, so we knew we needed to throw it into the highlight video somewhere! Although there was loads of fun throughout the day/night, there was romance too! Enjoy this mixed bag of goodies (www.henjofilms.com) Gangnam Style, Wedding Videos, Theme Song, Event Venues, Highlight, Goodies, Romance, Songs, Night

Crystal Fountain Event Venue | Markham | Wedding Video | Debbie + Brian

Wedding held at Crystal Fountain Event Venue in Markham. For more details on this wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/crystal-fountain-wedding-video-markham-debbie-brian/…

The Westin Prince Prince Wedding, Cindy Wilson, Hope Is The Thing With Feathers, One Republic, Toronto Wedding, Wedding Videos, First Dance, Perfect Match, Romantic

The Westin Prince | Toronto | Wedding Video | Cindy + Wilson

Wedding was held at The Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. For more details on Cindy + Wilson's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/the-westin-prince-wedding-video-toronto-cindy-wilson/…

It was a trip back to the UK that we will never forget! Henry's best friend Jonny was going to marry the beautiful Shahmeem! So off to London we went for an epic 2 day event filled with food, fun, and tradition! Coldplay's 'Paradise' really gets our hearts pumping and our excitement going in this one - get ready for Jonny and Shahmeem's highlights! (www.henjofilms.com) Epic 2, Heart Pump, We Will Never Forget, Wedding Videos, Pumping, Videography, Highlights, Paradise, Hearts

Osterley Park | London, UK | Wedding Video | Jonny & Shahmeem

Wedding held at Osterley park, London, England. For more details on Jonny + Shahmeem's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/wedding-videography-osterley-park-london-uk-jonny-shahmeem/…

The groom's adorable and romantic rendition of City and Colour's 'The Girl' starts off this amazing wedding video. What a lovely surprise to give to your bride on the big day! Her tears and giggles certainly showed her appreciation for her husband's efforts! Here are Vivien and Michael's highlights at Arcadian Loft (btw, food was delish!). (www.henjofilms.com) City And Colour, Toronto Wedding, Wedding Videos, Big Day, Delish, Appreciation, Highlights, Groom, Loft

Arcadian Loft | Toronto | Wedding Video | Vivien + Michael

Wedding was held at Arcadian Loft in Toronto. For more details on Vivien + Mike's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/arcadian-loft-toronto-wedding-video-vivien-michael/…

This wedding had the perfect blend of romance and fun! Debi and Charly are one lucky couple...they will always have an amazing story to tell their child about how s/he joined them on their wedding day (all snug in mom's belly) and was able to share in all the joy! Now is it a boy or a girl? You'll have to watch the video to find out after the big reveal! (www.henjofilms.com) Toronto Wedding, Wedding Videos, Videography, How To Find Out, Wedding Day, Romance, Couples, Snug, Joy

Toronto Wedding Videography | Festiflor Catering | Debi + Charly

For more details on Debi + Charly's wedding video, check out our blogpost below: http://henjofilms.com/wedding-videography-toronto-festiflor-catering-debi-charly/…