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Le mot du jour- good idea, looks young. Adapt for high schoolers French Teaching Resources, Teaching Activities, Teaching French, Teaching Ideas, High School French, Interactive Student Notebooks, French Education, Core French, French Grammar

Le mot du jour

A partir d’un aperçu trouvé sur Pinterest j’ai essayé de bricoler ma propre fiche (que les élèves en difficulté pourront remplir pendant la phrase du jour par exemple) La fiche en PDF …

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September 2006 – Page 2

100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time Tip #35: When reading an illustrated book together, ask open-ended questions about what you see in language #2

Imagine the fairy tale. Fantasy Books, Fantasy World, Fantasy Castle, Fantasy Kunst, Fantasy Art, Fairy Land, Fairy Tales, Elfen Fantasy, World Of Books

100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10 minutes at a time (Tips #60 to #51)

#60: Write a note in the target language and put it in their lunch box. #59: Check out, a free online library with around 4,500 digitized children’s books in 55 languages (tip from Annika @ Be_Bilingual). #58: Think about compound interest: 10min a day of reading in language #2 = equivalent of 2,000 children audiobooks over 10 years. #57 Add a book in language #2 as a gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. #56: Find holiday and Christmas music in…

Learning a foreign language via the internet is unmistakably the most convenient and cost-effective way of learning a language these days. Now were not trying to say that online learning is the best and most effective way of learning Daily Oral Language, French Language Learning, French Teacher, Teaching French, How To Speak French, Learn French, Communication Orale, French Conversation, French Flashcards

Le pot qui parle - French discussion prompts - Daily Oral Language Activity

Seulement 1,00$ jusqu'au 10 janvier. Comme enseignante, nous essayons de faire parler TOUS nos élèves sur une base quotidienne afin de développer leur vocabulaire et leurs idées. Le **Pot qui parle** est la solution parfaite.

100 tips to raise a bilingual child, at a time. Tip Write short messages in the language for your kids and put them on the dinner table, the school folder, the lunch box, etc. Student Learning, Teaching Kids, Teaching Resources, Dual Language, Spanish Language, School Folders, Language Immersion, Spanish Immersion, Language Acquisition

Early Languages

100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time. Tip #24: Write short messages in the 2nd language for your kids and put them on the dinner table, the school folder, the lunch box, etc.

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100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time. Tip #26: Listen and do not interrupt the kids' train of thought in language #2

Raising bilingual children starts with a few small steps, a few minutes per day. It should not be overwhelming. Teaching French, Teaching Spanish, Teaching Kids, Kids Learning, Teaching Tools, French Education, Kids Education, Bilingual Education, Spanish Lessons For Kids

7 Habits that will help your child become bilingual

Raising bilingual children starts with a few small steps, a few minutes per day. It should not be overwhelming. We are all busy and we are trying our best. Using everyday activities to teach a language is key. Integrating these habits into our week will generate huge language learning pay-offs. Just like compound interest. The goal is to fit these habits into each day of the week, between 5 and 10 minutes at a time. You will get a sense of accomplishment by doing each of them with your…

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How preparing a trip helps children learn a 2nd language

We are headed to Shanghai. Our first trip to China. We started learning Chinese a little over a year ago, and we are excited to discover a new culture and practice what we learned so far. As we prepared for the trip over the last few months, we realized that the excitement of visiting China was a good way to reinforce the Chinese vocabulary of our kids (and our own). Here are a few activities we did together to prepare the trip and practice mandarin. 10 to 15min at a time. Creating a diary…

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100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time. Tip #30: If you have a dog or a cat, talk to them in the target language. Great way for the kids to play and practice.

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The 4 pillars of story-telling to learn a second language

Reading and telling stories is the common element to parents who raise their children with a second language. Not only is it the common element, it is the #1 on the priority list. Parents that raise their kids with a second language are “story addicts”. They find every possible opportunity to tell or listen to stories with their children. Here are the 4 pillars of how parents expose their children to stories: 1. Creating a story routine 2. Making children actors in the story 3. "Everywhere…

Although we are a multi-cultural country, many kids rarely learn a second language. But there are many reasons why your child should learn a second language! Learn Another Language, Learning A Second Language, First Language, Spanish Language, Language Classes, Language School, Learning German, Learning Spanish, Life Learning

What kids teach us about learning a 2nd language

As parents raising our kids with more than one language, we are often focused on the benefits that WE see for THEIR future: opening up future work opportunities, building a mental gymnastic that has cognitive advantages, etc. These tend to be reasons that have future payoffs. Like many things, it requires effort and discipline as parents to do what we believe will be best for our kids’ future. Kids, however, are not focused on their future. What is important to them is NOW. They focus on…

early languages: 7 tips to help children learn a second language with music Teaching French, Teaching Spanish, Teaching English, Spanish Class, Spanish Teacher, Learning A Second Language, Learning Activities, Kids Learning, Teaching Ideas

7 tips to help children learn a second language with music

Music plays an important role in learning a second language. Similar areas of the brain are activated when listening to or playing music and speaking or processing language. Language and music are both associated with emotions, the combination makes it a powerful way to learn a second language. Why is music so helpful to learn a second language? Songs are fun We know that children, especially small children, really like music. They relate to it as entertainment and find learning vocabulary…

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“Guerilla teaching tactics" to help children learn a 2nd language

From several conversations with parents that are raising their children with two or more languages, I realized several are using what I call “guerilla language teaching tactics". Here is a definition of what it is: Indirect strategies to teach a language to children, involving, but not limited to, laughs, play and songs. Why “guerilla language teaching”? - It is unstructured - It combines language teaching with daily activities - It often involves 5- to 10-minute action spurts - It implies…

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100 tips to raise a bilingual child, 10min at a time. Tip #21 - Breakfast with music: play your kids' favorite song in language #2