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three glass jars filled with different types of food and leaves on top of a table
Poor Man's Capers: Pickled Nasturtium Pods
"Here in Los Angeles, nasturtiums are wildly weedy, growing all over hillsides and gardens and reseeding with wanton abandon. This weediness makes them very underappreciated as a bona fide vegetable, and even more so as a pickled delicacy..."
two jars filled with green pesto sitting on top of a table next to spoons
Nasturtium Pesto
Nasturtium Pesto | Garden Betty
some yellow flowers and green leaves with the words how to grow 4 use nasturtums
How to Grow and Use Nasturtiums
Nasturtiums are a plant that every gardener should consider growing. Besides their beauty, nasturtiums are also edible, medicinal, and are great for companion planting in your garden. Learn everything you need to know about how to grow nasturtiums, and how to use them in the kitchen, and in your herbalism practice. #herbalism #gardening