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a woman sitting on top of a pink and white motorcycle next to a body of water
2005 Ridley Auto Glide
2005 Ridley Auto Glide: I Love my 2005 Ridley Auto Glide!!! While at Delmarva Bike Week, 2008 in Ocean City, Md. I spotted it at a vendor for sale. I never imagined myself actually
a maroon and black motorcycle parked in front of a house with no one on it
Picture of My New Honda Interstate
2011 Honda Interstate: Heres my 2011 Interstate. I have added a Mustang Seat, sissy bar, Arlen Ness mirrors, chrome radiator cover, deep dish bezel turn signals, custom grips,
a man sitting on top of a red and white motorcycle in a parking lot next to a building
New Bike
2006 Ridley: This picture was taken the first time my leg went over the seat on my new bike. Its an 06 Ridley custom out of Oklahoma. Not a new bike now but still
a woman sitting on top of a pink motorcycle in a parking lot next to other motorcycles
Ridley Motorcycles
Me at Myrtle the Yr I Picked Her Up: I had a 05 1st then got this one. I love, love it. They are GREAT bikes, easy to ride and fun too. Great if you arent very tall too.
a black motorcycle parked in a garage next to a wall with tools hanging on it
Ridley Motorcycles
My Gargoyle: This is a US made bike manufactured in Oklahoma by a father and son team. It is fully automatic with an amazing deep rumbling sound. So easy to handle
an rv parked next to a motorcycle and motor bike in front of a camper
Ridley Motorcycles
2004 Ridley Auto-Glide 750: My motorcycle is a 2004 Ridley Auto-glide 750. It is a nice ride. I am rebuilding - changing out the chain drive to a belt drive - after 2006, Ridley made
two motorcycles are parked in the grass near a tree and another motorcycle is parked next to it
Ridley Motorcycles
I love this bike because I am very short and the seat hight is 24 1/2 it is a 750 so it has great power oh and one of the great things about it is that
a black and white motorcycle parked on the side of a road next to some bushes
Ridley Motorcycles
Ridley 08 Auto-Glide Limited Edition: This is not my first bike, but I did buy it because of my bad wrists. Shifting with a clutch became a problem for me because of that. This Limited Edition