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Karate Girl

Ever wonder which is the best martial art style ever. Well some people think its Krav Maga. A lot of the martial art moves are scaled back and designed for the street. Having a martial art style th…

#オリジナル アクションポーズ - にわリズム@漫画家志望のイラスト - pixiv

How To Draw Fighting Poses, Step by Step, Drawing Guide, by NeekoNoir

Welcome to the tutorial to draw fighting poses. You can find a lot of tips about the poses drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I

EtheringtonBrothers on Twitter

“Our next feature reference set for #FridayFundamentals today is this INCREDIBLY USEFUL set of FIGHTING POSES by OSCAR JIMENEZ (couldn't find a twitter account - If he has one let us all know in the comments below!) #Animationdev #gamedev #comicart #drawing #characterdesign #draw”


animation junk and stuff or something

Self-Proclaimed God

miyuli: “Some motion studies from my sketchbook! I used videos as references. Maybe this can be useful to somebody? ”

yutaka nakamura soul eater animated genga production materials | #374 | sakugabooru

animated genga production_materials soul_eater yutaka_nakamura