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@Teens Finding Hope: You are a person. Not a diagnosis. This is so very true, remember you deserve to live your life in hope. #TeensFindingHope

I am a person, not just a diagnosis Good reminders for people dealing with chronic illness. Because of the symptoms, you might think it's who you are, but it's not.

A quote that sadly many forget. To learn more about how people with developmental disabilities live a life without limits in South Carolina, visit www.ucpsc.org

clearly people are unsure about what it means to have a disability. So this isn't so much as what a disability is, but what it isn't.

See the person, NOT the wheelchair.

See the person, NOT the wheelchair. please create a new subcategory under daily living. Let's make it "assistant animals" or something like that. Let's include helping hands mention below and something to therapy dogs.