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Homeschool Planning - how we plan our our whole year from September to August! Progress Report, Teaching Jobs, Raising, Homeschooling, September, Corner, Field Trips, Group, How To Plan

Planning Our Homeschool Year | Raising A to Z

The weeks leading up to September are some of my favourites. I always considered September to be the unofficial but real New Years. With all the schools and programs starting up in September and Stéphane’s return to his teaching job, it just feels like a new start. the unofficial but real New Years. With all…

Homeschool Name Generator Trying to name your homeschool but stuck? Check out this awesome name generator just for homeschoolers! Creative Names, Unique Names, Cool Names, Awesome Names, School Name Generator, Online Name Generator, School Names Ideas, Home Schooling, Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Name Generator | Raising A to Z

This homeschool name generator is here to help you name your homeschool! Click, have fun and see what name pops up for you!

Planting Tomato Seeds Why we plant seeds on Valentine's day, and how to plant seeds with your kids Local Butcher, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Little Gardens, Tomato Seeds, Sauteed Mushrooms, Fancy Desserts, Tomato Plants, Family Traditions, Planting Seeds

Why We Plant Tomato Seeds on Valentine's Day | Raising A to Z

We have a bit of a strange Valentine’s Day tradition. Every year we splurge on really nice steaks from our local butcher and make a fancy dinner for our family. Steak, garlic roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, green beans and some kind of fancy dessert. We eat by candle-light and make a fun night out of…

Snow Sensory Play Sensory play is awesome for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. Here are some simple fun activities you can do using snow! Sensory Activities, Sensory Play, Activity Days, Young Children, Getting Out, Color Mixing, Raising, Little Ones, Homeschooling

Senory Play with Snow | Raising A to Z

Here in Canada, we get a lot of snow. But often it’s too cold for us to really get out there and explore it. So, sometimes, we bring the snow into our house instead! A big bin of snow, some scoops and spoons and a towel is really all you need. And it is a…

Santa's Cookies - Baking cookies with the girls for Santa. Exploring the math, science and life skills that go into baking! Baking Cookies, No Bake Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Santa Cookies, Cute Cookies, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Traditions, Life Skills, Raising

Friday Favourites: Baking Cookies For Santa | Raising A to Z

Leaving a glass of milk and a plate of cookies is a cornerstone Christmas tradition for most families. Growing up, I always looked forward to putting the cookies out on Christmas Eve. I was always a little particular about what cookies Santa got. They had to be the tastiest, cutest cookies I could find. And,…

Animal Tracks and Footprints We're exploring animal tracks in our latest unschooling activity. From books, to nature walks to making some prints of our own, this was a great activity Little Footprints, Animal Tracks, Walking In Nature, Great Books, Walks, Squirrel, Raising, Homeschooling, Exploring

Tracks: Exploring Animal Tracks and Footprints | Raising A to Z

One of the great things about all the snow we get is that it becomes very easy to see the tracks of the animals in our area. Alexie recently found some rabbit prints and that started a fun little learning adventure. We got a great book from the library about tracks and the animals that…

How to Set-up a Bird Feeding Station A great preschool activity for spring! Our latest unschooling, interest-lead learning activity Bird Feeding Station, Wooden Bird Houses, Bird Book, She Likes, Little Birds, Painting For Kids, Bird Watching, Learning Activities, Bird Feeders

Birdwatching: How to Set-Up a Bird Feeding Station | Raising A to Z

Alexie loves birds. She always has. Especially flamingos. Not that we get many flamingos up here in northern Ontario, Canada. But a girl can dream, can’t she? We decided that with spring approaching, it would be the perfect time to set up a bird-feeding station in our front yard, so we could do a little…

Educational Kids Shows on Netflix Step Parenting, Parenting Hacks, Ask The Storybots, Planet Earth Ii, Magic School Bus, Bus Ride, Shows On Netflix, Kids Shows, Our Kids

Educational Kids Shows on Netflix | Raising A to Z

Sometimes you just need to watch a movie. Maybe it’s rainy outside. Maybe the kids are a little under the weather. Maybe you’ve had a busy week and everyone is tired. Or maybe you just really want to watch a show. Well, those are all valid reasons to watch a show. We personally don’t have…

Fort Building Talking about building a fort and how it's a great hands-on learning activity for teaching engineering. And it's a great for adding some fun to other activities like reading, movies, or puzzles Hands On Learning, Learning Activities, Activities For Kids, Pj Day, Build A Fort, Build Something, Snowy Day, Good Friday, Some Fun

Friday Fun Day: Building a Fort | Raising A to Z

It was a cold, snowy day and we had no interest in heading outside. So we stayed inside and got to work building a fort! We usually get dressed every day, but every once in a while, we like to have a PJ Day and just relax. But that doesn’t mean that the learning stops.…

Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon We stayed up late to watch the lunar eclipse and it was a great learning experience Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, Pink Moon, How To Get Sleep, Super Excited, Our Kids, School Days, How To Fall Asleep, Raising, Love Her

Watching the Lunar Eclipse | Raising A to Z

One of the things that I love the most about homeschooling is allowing our kids to fully explore things that interest them. We aren’t restricted to what is grade-appropriate or to the schedule of a school day. Take Alexie for example. She is facinated with space. Planets, stars, astronauts, rocket ships. She loves it all.…

The Human Body: Naming Body Parts in French and English States Of Matter, So Many Questions, Steam Activities, Just Run, How To Find Out, How To Make, Nice To Meet, Body Parts, Great Books

Raising A to Z | Page 3 of 8 | Inspiring Parents and Families to Make Learning a Life-Long Adventure

Inspiring Parents and Families to Make Learning a Life-Long Adventure

Field Trip Friday: Exploring the Science Centre Field Trips, Run Around, Just Run, Raising, Exploring, Centre, Friday, Science, Explore

Field Trip Friday: Exploring the Science Centre | Raising A to Z

On a very cold November morning, we took a trip to our local science centre, Science North. It was a great day to play, explore and learn. We love playing with the giant water table, seeing the animals from our area (including a beaver) and just running around in the various play areas. One of…

Water, Ice and Steam A simple science experiment where we talk about melting, condensation, evaporation and the states of matter for water Water Science Experiments, States Of Matter, Steam Activities, Science Notebooks, Ap Biology, Simple Machines, Middle School Science, Physical Science, Science Classroom

Water, Ice, and Steam: Exploring States of Matter | Raising A to Z

Today, we’re exploring states of matter with water, ice and steam! With all the ice and snow we’ve gotten recently, Alexie has been asking lots of questions about ice. So, we decided to show her how ice, water and steam are all the same thing. This is such a simple experiment to do with kids.…