Um look neutro sempre é bom! ainda mais naqueles dias preguiçosos!

The 37 Commandments of Dressing Like a New Yorker

You'd be hard-pressed to find a New Yorker who only wears black. And it doesn't matter if you aren't a New Yorker, you can work these styles no matter where you are.

Flapper girls, 1925

high school flapper girls pose for formal portrait, ca. I wish my high school photos were this classy

"In the 1920s, many Americans found the flapper incredibly threatening. Flappers represented a new moral order. Although they were the daughters of the middle class, they flouted middle-class values. They shrugged off their chaperones. Worse still, they danced suggestively and openly flirted with boys. Flappers prized style over substance, novelty over tradition, and pleasure over virtue."

Mary Pickford’s tea party interesting group of women.Notice all but one has their ankles demurely crossed and all but one has a hat? She is the one I'd like to meet :) she also seems far more interested in something off camera.

This is not a donkey. This is a mule. It bugs me when city folks get them mixed up. Donkeys and mules have entirely different looks and personalities. A mule is probably almost as smart as most men, and smarter than some. It is totally a donkey.

1930's Fashion- big coats, with fur around the neck and hair up and hair pieces very 1930's

I like the use of the fur coats which give them a classier and more wealthy look. Back in the having a fur coat showed your ranking in the world.

Harper’s Bazaar 1957 Photo Gleb Derujinsky

Gleb Derujinsky's photography is iconic of an era in fashion, photography and history. Derujinsky was one of the most sought after fashion photograp

cloche hat:

belts on

Sculpted Green Fur Felt Cloche Hat By Green Trunk Designs This unique and stylish green hat was hand blocked from a single piece of rabbit

June 3, 2012 - The Diamond Jubilee Flotilla warranted a special hat. Kate chose a red wool hat trimmed in large monochrome wool lilies to compliment her red Alexander McQueen dress.

Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate’s hat was by Sylvia Fletcher for John Lock and Company. Shown here worn on on the royal barge in the flotilla for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.



This beautiful ladies cloche is made from fur felt, and hand draped over an antique hat block. Hand finished with authentic millinery techniques, and embellished with grosgrain ribbon, and vintage buttons and toggles (these will vary depending on supply). Please indicate your head size measurement when ordering (measure your head horizontally just above your eyebrows). When you receive your hat, there will be a small ribbon inside to fine-tune the fit, and a hat box for safe storage. Note…

Amelia, Fur Felt Cloche millinery hat from the Downton Abbey era, khaki green color

1920’s Paris - what an enticing and seductive time and place! This person's expression is enchanting...

Did Women Wear Pants in the 1920s? Yes! sort of...