Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Almond Puff

For today& Flashback Friday I& going back to this Betty Crocker Danish pastry I posted seven years ago. It& a recipe that might takes many of us back to when we first started baking and became one

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Ham and Cheese Buns

Soup and sandwiches seem to be a common meal for us these coooold winter days. I used the base recipe for these buns from this recipe. This is a refridgerator dough recipe and if I use the entire rec

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes have always been one of those lifesaver meals that are quick to make when you have a lot going on and great for leftovers too. I've not added vegetables to this one, but you can easily ad

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Butterflies

Butterflies - cinnamon rolls posted in 2009 - the name referring to the way the roll stands.

For my flashback Friday I have chosen to share the recipe for Chipa again. Makes 3 dozen These chewy cheesy little pillows is a recipe originally from Paraguay, where my husband was born. They are mad

Chipa (Mennonite Girls Can Cook)

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Waffles with Vanilla Custard

As a young bride I searched the Mennonite Treasury Cookbook for any recipes that would impress my husband and his large extended fa.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Artichoke and Roasted Pepper Dip

Put this appetizer out on your kitchen island and for sure you'll have everyone right where you're trying to finish up the meal. My son-in-l.

My Front Porch: Cauliflower Cheese Soup

I just watched the weather forecast and it's going to get cold.and, if you live in the prairies, VERY COLD!

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