10 Wordless Videos that Teach Problem Solving -- Speech paths are seemingly always on the hunt for materials to address problem solving - did you ever consider videos? I found 10 wordless videos that are fun and make kids think about how to fix the main c

Wordless videos that can help teach positive mindset, problem solving, and helping students identify feelings. I have used these many times and they work great in a school social work counseling office!

Lire et écrire 100 mots fréquents pour le 100e jour de classe!

100 mots au bout de mes doigts! French sight words, Mots usuels, Mots fréquents

Egg Drop Project 2016: Fun STEM activity for kids- Design an egg contraption to protect a raw egg! (with 2 FREE printable recording sheets!) ~ http://BuggyandBuddy.com

STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project

STEM challenge : Apple Jenga

Apple Jenga: A Fun Seasonal STEM Challenge for Primary Kids!

In this post, I am going to tell you about a really fun & EASY seasonal STEM challenge that worked GREAT with my first & second graders!

When you are teaching students about growth mindset, I believe it is vital to use stories they can relate to. If they are seeing other characters showing both a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, they will be more likely to understand what each look like.

Growth Mindset lessons using The Dot, Ish, and Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

Lis et couvre - get your students practicing « la fusion », or blending sounds, in a way that doesn’t even seem like reading! Includes 5 different game boards. Super simple, and perfect for small group time or even as an independent centre if your students are already able to blend sounds!

Lis et couvre - Un jeu pour la fusion (FRENCH Read & Cover - blending practice)

Maternelle avec Mme Andrea: Les syllabes - pourquoi sont-elles importantes?

Les syllabes - pourquoi sont-elles importantes?

Classroom tips & tricks, resources and teaching ideas for the primary French classroom - immersion or French first-language