hill macinnis

hill macinnis

hill macinnis
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Je n'aime pas faire mes devoirs :(

Je n'aime pas faire mes devoirs :(

Je suis intelligente

Classical School Reading List: Grades (I love book lists. Here there are some we've read and lots to get from the library. I'd love to make time for myself to read all the books in the grade list! Wow, do kids in public school have to read these books?

J'ai une cicatrice sur mon estomac à cause d'une chirurgie

A cunning, strong, mischevoius, unwanted lion He was "betrayed" by mufusa's father (scars father) as he favoured mufusa more, seeking revenge

Je suis gentil

Je suis gentil

Une de mes réalisations est de visiter Prague. C'est très beau!!

My Hidden Prague ~ After 12 years of living here, I’ve come to make the city my own, figuring out how Prague’s various parts fit together and finding charming attractions and unexpected beauty just about everywhere I look.

Mes yeux sont gris.

What eye color is more dominant, green or blue eyes? I know the darker color is always dominant but these two are light colors and recessive.

Ma matière préférée est la mathématiques

The All-Island festival of maths and numeracy, Maths Week Ireland returns next month for its successive year. Kicking off on October and running until October the week-long celebrati

Dans ma famille, il y a mon père, ma mère, ma soeur et moi.

So exactly how does having a trampoline affect homeowners? This article answers your trampoline insurance questions. In most cases.