Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef, onion, rice, and tomato sauce. Instead of ground beef use ground turkey and brown rice!

Blinchiki (Pancakes). Ukrainian Recipe

Ukrainian pancakes Instructions Whisk eggs, milk and oil together. Whisk in flour and salt. Batter will be very soupy. Add a little butter to a hot skillet. Pour a small amount of the batter into the skillet, rotating the skillet.

St. Andrew's Church, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Andrew’s Church (Kiev, Ukranie) by the order of Russian Empress Elizabeth in The church was created in the Baroque style by famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Moscow architect Ivan Michurin was the executor.

Способы лепки красивых пельменей.flv

Способы лепки красивых пельменей.flv

Печенье на майонезе

Печенье на майонезе

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Testo dlya piragov ▶ Дрожжевое тесто + пироги из него.Готовим вместе. - YouTube

Testo dlya piragov ▶ Дрожжевое тесто + пироги из него.Готовим вместе. - YouTube

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat Amusement Park ferris wheel seen from inside the gymnasium. The park was never opened as the Chernobyl disaster happened shortly before it was to open

Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe with Potato-Buckwheat Filling - Recipe for Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage with Potato-Buckwheat Filling - Holubt...


Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe - Holubtsi (Polish family used this meatless version during Holy Days; may have used rice instead of buckwheat; did not use tomato type sauce for this meatless version)


Kompot ("Компот" in Russian) was a widely used way of preserving fruit for the winter season in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina.