On a little country road in South Pomfret, Vermont, is a picturesque gated property known as Sleepy Hollow Farm. Once owned by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Sleepy Hollow Farm features everything a New England photographer could ever want. ♥ New England

Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

The spectacular views of the wisteria flowers at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitakyushu, Japan is another shining example of Japanese perception of beauty and arch . Surreal Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan ,Chinadaily Forum


Majestic Anderson Lake, British Columbia, Canada by Pierre Leclerc. I want a cabin in a place like this.

Glacier Lake, Washington

A beautiful sunset near Mt. Rainer in Washington, USA where the reflections appear in the glass like surface of Upper Tipsoo Lake in Mt.

I could spend all day here

party ideas Such a sublime idea—to take a picnic basket while canoeing on a serene lake in summer : ).


♥ Summer Fun: Old Swing in a Tree. I moved quite often, which was always in the country. And we seemed to either have a swing or a bike or both.

Im thinking a hike on this trail this weekend! Hiawathat Trails, North Idaho

Summer fun biking in Idaho, ripping downhill in West Viriginia and Yogo at Squaw Valley.

Mount Rushmore

Could you imagine driving along and all of a sudden the spectacular scene, Mount Rushmore, appears on the horizon.

LEGOLAND! (Yes, we are both big kids at heart)

LEGOLAND! (Yes, we are both big kids at heart)