The Life and Art of Allen Sapp

Allen Sapp - kK - " I can't write a story or tell one in the white man's language so I tell what I want to say with my paintings .

Allen Sapp Museum, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Vintage Art deco Wood Frame Farm Hand Praying Print More Photos inside

Cree artist Allen Sapp

Canadian Art Appraiser & Dealer in Toronto, Winnipeg

Song Within My Heart - "Based on Cree painter Allen Sapp's childhood memories of life on a reserve in Saskatchewan, a young boy who is getting ready to go to a powwow. Woven throughout is the boy's close relationship with his Nokum (grandmother). The illustrations reinforce strongly the simplicity of life on a reserve, the significance of the powwow and, of course, the love between grandmother and grandson."  Buy

Listen to the beating drum It tells a hundred stories Of our people, of our homeland Some of birds and beasts and sweet grass.

ALLEN SAPP-artist Google Search

ALLEN SAPP-artist Google Search

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