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First Nations Legends

Ayla Bouvette - Metis Art - Spirit Fish Cycle of Life

First Nations Legends

PEACE SYMBOL  It is my feeling that the medicine wheel is a far better symbol of peace than any other I could paint. I have painted it in the palm of a hand to show that the decision to live life of peace is in our own hands. This is the Medicine Wheel as I have learned it, here along Lake Superior among the Ojibwe.   A. Bouvette

Unity - 'Abdu'l-Baha quote about fingers of the hand working together alone they are useless. or something like that Art by Ayla Bouvette

CROW  Here is Crow, he has the heart symbol to show that we are all related. I paint this symbol into many paintings and many creatures for we all one family. You can see the colors green & yellow, the warm growing season of Northern Summers. Crow is calling his family to come share the abundance. Our ancestors on the Prairies knew Crow very well.   A. Bouvette

Crow is an omen of change. Crows live in the void and have no sense of time, therefore being able to see past, present and future simultaneously. They unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer. Crow is the totem of the Great Spirit a

AMERICAN MÉTIS  This painting was designed to symbolize the Métis People across all of the original Métis Homeland, which included much of the US and CANADA. The Red and White and Blue of the Canadian and American Flags, and the Native Bird Symbol which acts as messenger to all that here began the Métis and here we continue to thrive.  by Métis Artist Bouvette

I am a self-taught American Metis Artist. I reside in Sault Sainte Marie, the city through which the first Canadienne Voyageur in the BOUVETTE Family tr.