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Blanket Shirt SH-121

Simple pullover shirt will keep you warm on crisp days. Inspired by historical references to woolen shirts. This shirt has a single button with a leather loop at the neck. Loose cut to wear over clothes.

Wool Blanket Anorak Extravaganza and follow link to other photos

Sources and new links (in rough order of similarity):Rick Marchand's anoraks (pattern) anorak (pattern) second anorak.

100% Wool Army Blanket = Awesome Hunting Shirt! Here's How to Make One...

by Todd Walker I love wool! Here’s why: Wool fiber absorbs up to of its weight and gradually releases moisture through evaporation. Wool has natural antibacterial properties that allow yo…

Blanket Shirt

Hey I had Kevin From Empire Canvas Works make me one of the boreal coats from some italian wool blankets I had.