Canada being Canada

Canada being Canada

As the harsh winter washes over us, it's amazing images like this that remind us to go outside and enjoy the majesty of snow and ice. Actually, let someone else go outside and take photos. It's cold.

Autumn frost. Perfection!

A tiny leaf frosted on a cold fall morning in Battle Ground, WA by Chris Fenison (via


Maligne Lake is a lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is famed for the colour of its water, the surrounding peaks, the three glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island red sand tourist province Canada ocean water water PEI Garden of the Gulf St.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Top Dreamer today make a special collection of 40 amazing and beautiful photos from our mother nature. Nature is a place where are happen amazing actions


Shop Cool Canada Bumper Sticker Distressed Maple Leaf created by artist_kim_hunter.

At Tim Hortons.

Funny pictures about Game of Thrones problems. Oh, and cool pics about Game of Thrones problems. Also, Game of Thrones problems.

Canada, Canada!

The Canadian Olympic Team Brand. Over a century of stories, themes, and iconography inspired the new Canadian Olympic Team brand.


Fallen Maple Leaf Photograph by Raul Touzon A solitary red maple leaf lies on the trunk of a downed tree in Maine's Acadia National Park. The United States is home to some 90 different species of maple trees.


Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey.If you are calling Canada and all lines are busy, we are watching the hockey game. Call us back later.

Rideout Bay, Ontario

This is an image from Rideout Bay in Kenora, Ontario, situated on the Lake of the Woods. The February sun veiled the shoreline as it teased the fog from the open water. Photo by Lee Anne Carver.