Confederate Soldier, 1863

Confederate Soldier, captured at Gettysburg He would never know how his country betrayed his image forever more. America discredits the confederate soldier far beyond forgiveness.

Fathers of Canadian Confederation, P.E.I., Canada. #Victorian #Confederation #vintage #Canada #men

Fathers of Canadian Confederation, P. // it's always so easy to pick Sir John A MacDonald out of crowd.

Maps of Canadian Confederation in 1867

Maps of Canadian Confederation in 1867 - includes blank, colored, labeled maps of the Canadian Confederation of 1867

Confederation Bridge

There’s more to these famous Canadian landmarks than meets the eye! Delve deeper into Canada’s nooks and crannies with these 13 surprising facts.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge

Prince Edward Island, Canada Confederation Bridge

Conferderation Bridge - Links PEI to New Brunswick km bridge joining Borden- Carleton, PEI to Cape Jouriman, New Brunswick -The longest bridge over ice covered waters in the world

Fathers of Confederation in London

Jarvis & Lori Turnbull: Canadian prime ministers have too much power