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How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

How to Grow Garlic

Learn how to plant garlic! Just one clove of garlic can produce up to an additional twenty cloves so don't toss those sprouted cloves, plant them instead!

Plants have best friends just like people do. Marigolds help tomatoes and roses grow better. Nasturtiums keep bugs away from squash and broccoli. Petunias protect beans from beetles and oregano chases them away from cucumbers. Geraniums keep Japanese beetles away from roses and corn. Chives make carrots sweeter, and basil makes tomatoes even tastier

Easy Children's Vegetable Garden Plan

Enjoy growing healthy produce while spending time with little gardeners with this easy garden plan.

Cucumber Trellis

Discover Companion Planting with this Cucumber Trellis Cucumbers like it hot. Lettuce likes it cool and shady. But with this trellis, they’re perfect companions! Use this slanted trellis to grow your cucumbers and you’ll enjoy loads of straight, unblemished fruit. Plant lettuce, mesclun or spinach in the shady area beneath to protect it from wilting or bolting. Western red cedar frame and sturdy plastic mesh. 48" square. Growing cucumbers off the ground means better quality fruit, easier…

vertical garden, Madrid -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspcheune Resources and Information.

vertical garden, Madrid

Mason Jar Herb Garden


Blogumu takip edenler zaman zaman bahçe işlerine de el attığımı bilirler, gün gelecek inşallah daha fazla zaman ayıracağım bahçe işlerine, bu yüzden Pinterest'te çok geziyor yeni fikirleri inceliyorum, kendime yakın bulduklarımı listeme ekliyorum, zamanla tek tek uygulamayı planladığım bir seçkiyi bloğuma da eklemek istiyorum belki paylaştıklarım sizin de hoşunuza gider. Öncelikli olarak yeniden değerlendirme projeleri ilgimi çekiyor, eskinin de değerlendirilmesi ayrıca zevkli benim için…

How to prune knock out roses

How To Prune Knock Out Roses

One thing to keep in mind about Knock Out rose bushes is that they are very quick growing. A common question is ?do I need to prune Knock Out roses?? Read here to look at what goes into pruning Knock Out roses.



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Spinach-Coconut Chickpea Fritters with Rice & Verde Guacamole

Green Island Fritters over Rice + Verde Guacamole -

These Green Island Fritters merge creamy, exotic coconut milk with green spinach and rustic beans. A hint of nutritional yeast, agave and a dusting of crispy Panko bread crumbs. These toasty fritter cakes are served warm, over top some nutty brown rice (quinoa would be nice too) and cool verde guacamole. This cozy meal-in-a-bowl is...

Vegetable garden design ideas

Two little girls read a board advertising carrots instead of ice lollies due to wartime shortages of chocolate and ice cream, 1941. Getty


“ Two little girls read a board advertising carrots instead of ice lollies due to wartime shortages of chocolate and ice cream, 1941. Getty ”

Potato tower

Potato tower

Potato tower of powet

Potato tower of powet

Rain water harvesting

Rain water harvesting

Plant tower

Plant tower