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a collage of pictures with pumpkins and handprints on them, including the words 45 kid friendly fall autumn crafts
45 Kid Friendly Fall/Autumn Crafts - A Spectacled Owl
Fall Crafts!
two children hugging each other with the caption, how to be a calm parent
Living the Luxury Lifestyle With High Quality Drinks
Not really about keeping kids active (see board title) but SO worth a read.
four girls jumping into a pool with their arms in the air
Summer Bucket List of FUN
Summer bucket list of FUN! Over 150 activities to make this the BEST Summer yet!
three children in the water playing with each other
Aquatics Facility and Programs at the Greater Holyoke YMCA
Summer is a GREAT time for kids to learn how to swim!
three people are floating in a pool with their feet up and one person is wearing flip flops
What a “Hands Free” Summer Looks Like
The Top 10 Things Kids Want Their Parents to Do with Them (based on 16 years of classroom polls). Such a good list of reminders of what matters most to our kids.
no jab it's no play sticker on a white background with red and blue lettering
Drama Games for Kids
Theatre Games for Children.
two young boys are playing with toys on the wooden deck in front of their picnic table
An Alphabet Adventure ... Virtual Book Club for Kids, July 2012 - Play Dr Mom
Alphabet Treasure Hunt. A great outdoor activity idea!
Childhood obesity by the numbers -- what you see might shock you. Health, Health Tips, Health Problems, Excellent Health, Health Benefits, Physical Activities, Cardiovascular System, Healthy Living, Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity by the numbers -- what you see might shock you.
a black and white photo with the words if you've never jumped from one couch to the other to avoid the lava you've never had a childhood
Take Ragan’s Salary & Workplace Culture Survey today to see how your pay stacks up - PR Daily
Ain't this the truth?
an orange and white pot with the words bored jar painted on it's side
day forty three: the 'bored' jar
Whenever the kids complain of being bored they have to pull a paper out of the jar. Might be "go out for ice cream" might be "fold the laundry"
a young boy playing with a toy truck in the grass that says, 40 activities to get your kids moving
40 Ideas for Kids that are Constantly on the Move
Simple ways to get your kids up and at 'em.
two women are doing yoga in front of a green wall and white bedspread
Ectopic Pregnancy Pain, Explained
It's never too young to start being active together as a family! #healthykids
the words 10 boy - approved crafts and activities are in white letters on a blue background
10 Crafts and Activities for Boys
We don't really see these as 'boy' activities. We see these as AWESOME 'kid' activities.
a bunch of magnets that are on the side of a wall with words above them
Ooooh! GREAT idea! These can't be too hard to make, can they?
how to make homemade play dough
Homemade Playdough Recipe
Homemade Playdoh!