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an indoor play area with colorful balls in the ground and climbing walls on each side
Our Child Watch area will keep your kids happy while you work out!
there are many exercise balls on the rack in this gym room, along with other equipment
Greater Holyoke YMCA serves diverse communities in western Massachusetts.
Stability balls are a GREAT way to challenge your body! #workout
an empty gym room with rows of exercise equipment
The room of awesomeness ;)
an empty room with green lockers and white curtains
Locker rooms. We haz them.
an empty bathroom with the k logo painted on the wall and tile flooring around it
Both mens and womens locker rooms have steam and saunas.
there are several rows of dumbs in the gym
Lots of free weight equipment.
Sauna! Outdoor, Benches, Garten, Home Decor, Bench, Dream House
an indoor swimming pool with no people in it
The Greater Holyoke YMCA has two pools. This is our 8-lane 25-yard Taber Pool.
an indoor basketball court with hard wood floors and blue curtains on the sidelines is shown
Probably the ONE minute of the day our gym isn't in use is the MINUTE we open ;)