LOVE all printable GAMES!!!! MUST DO!!!! Also comp and literacy and spelling!!!!!

Need to check this out--Awesome resources! LOVE all printable GAMES! Also comp and literacy and spelling!

For center worksheets.  Use dry erase markers=fewer copies!  I used report covers and framed with colorful Duck Tape.

This is an easy way to make cheap dry erase boards!DIY dry erase boards: report covers + colorful duct tape (could even leave 1 side open to slip paper in and out)

26 fun-filled ways to teach reading and writing. {Playdough to Plato}

26 fun-filled ways to teach reading and writing. {Playdough to Plato} I have some of the pre writing pinned but this list is good!

Those notes have a section for sending in money right? But sometimes… I’m just too busy to deal with a big ol’ piece of paper when all I really wanna do is send in a dollar for my kid’s dress down day. Also, I don’t want to just stick it in their school folder (with no explanation enclosed) and have the teacher be all “HUH?”… Been there?    This next free printable is a derivative of the School Notes, but is just for the purpose of sending in money. You know, for book orders, lunch, field…

{Free Printable} School Money Labels - this site has printables for just about…

Daily Lesson Elementary Notebook

Free Printable Elementary Daily Learning Notebook (includes link to a preschool version) from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Job wheel. No flipping cards, or swapping names. One little, teeny-tiny turn and it is set for the next week.  The job wheel has been through many revisions through the years. When I taught 5th grade, every kid had a job.  In second grade, they have a "job" every other week.  This works well for me and my classroom of 28-30 kiddos.      The design is simple 2 large poster board circles... the larger about 1-1/2 inches bigger than the inside.  Divided into equal parts. Mine has 30 slices…

Teach-A-Roo: Kids at Work- Using a Job Wheel. Quick way to change classroom jobs without moving or flipping cards. Just rotate wheel. Even-numbered and odd-numbered students take turns each week.

The Autism Tank: Some Basic Reading/Math Ideas

Doing this for Summer Vacation sense we are not doing summer school this year. The Autism Tank: Some Basic Reading/Math Ideas

Pizza Restaurant

Josh loved his pizza building kit. pizza (for house center?) add toppings, write them on a check, laminate and use with dry erase board markers