Wings - Spring & Summer 2023

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three pieces of cooked meat on a white surface
Louisiana Wings
A classic pub appetizer with medium-heat
three pieces of chicken sitting on top of a piece of wax paper next to each other
Lemon Pepper Wings
A delicious appetizer for those who prefer non-saucy wings
grilled chicken wings with ranch dip and tortilla chips on the side, ready to be served
Grilled Jerk Wings
Use your favourite Epicure Wing Seasoning for these grilled chicken wings that can feed a crowd
chicken wings in a bowl with cucumbers and tomatoes
Buffalo Wings
Spicy and saucy finger-licking good wings. Easy to prep, made in minutes, perfect for reheating
two pieces of meat sitting next to each other
Chinese Five Spice Wings
A blend of spices used primarily in most Chinese regional cuisines. The rich, full flavour is perfect for chicken