World's Largest Emerald - 57,000 carat, 11.5 kg, mined in Brazil and cut in India (via Huffington Post)

World's largest emerald

world's largest emerald (size of a watermelon) Is this thing real?Probably not, It was dyed, so we'll never know what percentage is emerald, and what percentage is white beryl. It failed to sell at auction.

King James Bible

A Broad-tailed Hummingbird almost frozen at of a second. Even at those speeds I still got a tiny bit of movement on the wings and could not truly freeze the bird in mid air. The speed at which these birds move is something I still marvel at.

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Fiddle head...will unfurl into a lush fern. I am obsessed with these and I don't know why.

I love ferns! Close up of a Fern Frond.which will open into a Fern leaf, or in this case many leaves.

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