Modern Salads and Side Dishes

Simple and Modern salads and side dishes for every day.
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a person dipping sauce on top of french fries in a small metal bowl with the words basil garlic aioli above it
Basil Garlic Aioli | Self Proclaimed Foodie
an easy air fried cabbage recipe with low carb and keto - gly
Super Easy Easy Healthy Air Fryer Cabbage Recipe (+Video) | Seeking Good Eats
the best warm salads to enjoy this winter
20 Warm Salads That Will Help You Power through Winter’s Chilliest Days
honey roasted spaghetti sauce in a white casserole dish with a fork and spoon
Honey Roasted Spaghetti Squash
a stack of potato pancakes topped with sour cream and green onions on a white plate
Bacon and Spaghetti Squash Fritters
spaghetti dish in a pan with chopsticks on the side and another photo showing it being cooked
Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein Recipe Healthy Low Carb | Best Recipe Box
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cabbage salad with pecans and cranberries in a white bowl
Cabbage Salad
With a tangy-sweet dressing drizzled over crispy, crunchy leaves, this cabbage salad is one that will redefine things for good. This easy recipe is super tasty and nourishing too. #spendwithpennies #cabbagesalad #sidedish #salad #easycabbagesalad #quickcabbagesalad #creamycabbagesalad
some pita breads are stacked on top of each other and ready to be eaten
Gluten-Free Pita Bread | Easy Flatbread Recipe - Elavegan
green tomato relish with two hotdogs on the side
Green Tomato Relish
green tomatoes and other vegetables with text overlay that reads, ways to use green tomatoes that aren't all fried
50+ Green Tomato Recipes
fresh green tomato salsa served with tortilla chips
Fresh Green Tomato Salsa Verde - Alison's Allspice