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a piece of white paper that has been torn off and is laying on the ground
Who would have thought torn wallpaper can look so good?
a piece of white paper that has been torn in half
the words water and ice are in front of a white background with splashing water
ριηтεяεsт: @вℓυεℓιтαηү
an open book with the words quiet rebellion printed on it
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the shadow of a tree on a wall
northerndelight, författare på Lovely Life
Old pink wall in Tuscany copyright Anna Malmberg
the shadow of trees is cast on the ground in this black and white photo,
the poetry of material things
backyard mid summer cook out party, and you, finally, for once, and for ever, perhaps, feel known, and comfortable, like you can settle in to your skin and they'll only lie you for it
shadows cast on the side of a white building
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters - Blog - Photo Diary: Clean Slate
the shadow of a tree branch against a white wall with pink flowers in front of it
oh wonder
☆I N S T A : @elle.martinez_☆
stars are flying in the sky on a white background
some red berries and leaves on a white surface
burning bush seeds (mary jo hoffman)