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Andalusian (Purebred Spanish Horse)

They Needed To Clean A Tail Of A Horse, Watch What They Used… There are number of silly myths which surrounds the lives of horses.

Horses are measured in hands, ( a hand measures 4 inches). Unlike in people horses are measured from the withers not the top of the head. What are withers you might ask? It's the bump above the horse's back where the mane ends!

Horse facts: horses' laugh is so cute and amazing, which is actually a flehmen response. What are more interesting horse facts you may not know? See if you know these facts about horse listed here.

A very clear snowcap on an appaloosa. A snowcap is a type of (white) marking found on the horse's croup sometimes extending all the way to the horse's back or even withers. (there should be no spots on the blanket.)

It's not a sun spot but a snow cap,Baby?: A fine example of a snowcap appaloosa horse, showing a crisp white cap that stands for homozygosity. Note how the edges of the snowcap are 'frosted', giving the horse a brushpainted look.