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a man sitting on a chair in front of a monitor with the words purpose - built healthcare
Purpose-Built Healthcare Solutions: How They Can Drastically Improve Healthcare
Learn about why purpose-built healthcare solutions are needed for the healthcare industry to help support workers and bring better healthcare to the public.
Check out the top 5 causes of stress in the workplace. And read the full blog to learn more about how these issues might affect you in the workplace. Interpersonal Conflict, Work Schedule, The Common, Read More, To Learn
Top 5 Causes of Stress In The Workplace
Check out the top 5 causes of stress in the workplace. And read the full blog to learn more about how these issues might affect you in the workplace.
the top medical apps for health care professionals infographicly displayed on a white background
Must-Have Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals
If you’re a healthcare worker, check out your phone. If you don’t have at least one healthcare app to help you carry out your daily tasks, then there is a huge chance that you are missing out! Learn from this list of must-have apps and get one for yourself to help you out. Read full blog at
The background of the image is a light grey colour. At the top there is black text that says "A CAREER ENHANCER Networking in Healthcare". Below the text, there is a square photo of people in the reflection of a window with tall city buildings in the background. Towards the bottom of the photo, there is a dark purple banner across the image with white text that says "WWW.HOSTALKY.COM". Towards the right of the photo, there is dark prurple text written in a circular shape that says "NEW BLOG". Job Goals, Building A Relationship, A Relationship, Public Health, News Blog, First Step
Networking in Healthcare - A Career Enhancer
Regardless of whether your job goals are monetary or focused on fulfillment, networking is always a smart first step to take. Building a relationship with those who can support your success is a highly beneficial step to take in your career. Continue reading to discover more about the actions to take when networking and the various positive outcomes.
a man is working on his laptop with the title how to start a virtual bookkeeping business and work from home
5 Tips For Success - Studying For The MCAT
Description: It's not simple and it's not easy — to studying for the MCAT and pursuing a career in medicine is a great challenge. If you perform well on the computer-based, multiple-choice exam, it will enormously benefit your admission to your dream medical school. Read our blog and become the best possible applicant.
the words 5 ways automating physical schedules can help reduce burnout in black and white
5 Ways Automating Physician Schedules Can Help Reduce Burnout
Burnout affects all healthcare workers, including physicians and there is a need for solutions that will help reduce burnout. Read about these 5 ways automating physician schedules can help reduce burnout in this article.
The image has a background photo of 4 medical workers wearing scrubs, and standing in a line beside each other. The worker in the center is in focus, and the others to the side are slightly out of focus. At the top of the image, there is text that says "The hierarchy of nurses". At the bottom of the image, there is a dark purple text box with white text that says "read more" and below that, there is text that says "". Reading, Nursing, Roles And Responsibilities, New Nurse, Career
The Hierarchy of Nurses
The primary backbone of the healthcare sector are nurses. Patients are healed and helped during every shift. From being a new nurse to achieving the highest degrees of nursing, there are several opportunities possible. Learn more about the various nursing levels and qualifications by reading on.
The background of the image is a photo of a textbook with a stethoscope sitting on top of it. In front, there is a blue transparent textbox with the words "HIPAA Compliance and Violation Basics" written in white font. Below this text, there is a small white line, and below the line, there is smaller white text that says "". Hipaa Compliance, Medical Information, Need To Know, How To Find Out
HIPAA Compliance and Violation Basics
We hold healthcare professionals to a very high standard to keep our medical information safe and secure. There are several laws and acts created to keep this area regulated and to hold workers accountable for their actions. Read more about HIPAA compliance and violation basics. #HIPAA #medicalinfo #medicalinformation #healthcareprivacy
This image shows a photo of a stack of books. On top of the books, there is a silver and black stethoscope hanging over the stack of books. At the top of the image, there is white text that reads "The Future of Medical Education". At the bottom of the image, there is black text that says "". New Technology, The Learning Experience, Teaching Methods, Medical Education, Into The Future
The Future of Medical Education
Education, like the world, is ever-changing — from the new technology used to different teaching methods. While some concepts will not alter much, others are certain to undergo significant upheaval. The following blog regarding the new healthcare paradigm and how it will impact doctors, patients, and the healthcare sector is important to know -- read more to find out.
The background of the image is a photo of a lit-up city at night. There are many neon and bright colours. Coming from the top of the image, there is a transparent text box with the words that read "HosTalky Data Breaches - What you need to know". Below the transparent textbox, there is a small blue textbox across the image with the HosTalky website link. Data Breach, Medical Records, The Cloud, Your Name, Phone Number
Data Breaches – What You Need To Know
Your data ranging from your name, address, and phone number to your personal medical records can be stored securely on the cloud or on in offline storage software. But how secure is it? Data phishing and hacking are very prominent activities that occur. We want to share the data breach need-to-know information with you.
POV: the best shoes for nurses | @weargales
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The image has a dark purple background with a thin white line bordering the image. The top half of the image includes the title of the blog "Essential On the Job Training Programs For Employees to Help Them Be the Best They Can Be" and below that is the website link "" on top of a lighter purple shading to make the words pop out more. The bottom half of the image is a photo of two healthcare workers, a man smiling and looking to the left and a woman looking down smiling as well. Types Of Education, Job Satisfaction, Job Training, Be The Best, Training Programs, Hands On
Essential On-The-Job Training Programs For Employees to Help Them Be the Best They Can Be
On-the-job training is a type of education that happens while a person is employed. Obtaining genuine experience in a real job and not just watching others do it can help a hands-on learner tremendously. If that's you, read on to learn more about various training programs and certifications.
The image has a background photo of a woman sitting at a desk using a computer with photos hanging on the wall behind her. At the bottom of the image, there is a transparent white text box with black text that reads "A Brief Guide Work From Home Healthcare Jobs". Work Remotely, Job Opportunities, Work From Home, Remote Work, Working From Home, From Home
Work From Home Healthcare Jobs - A Brief Guide
Working from home is the new norm, interestingly enough, healthcare workers can work from home too! How you may ask? Read out HosTalky blog to learn more about this intriguing shift of workplace setting.
The image has a purple background. To the right, there are 3 photos of groups of healthcare professionals. The left of the image has text written in white that reads "5 Fun Team Building Exercises for Healthcare Professionals" and below shows the hostalky website link. Team Building Activities For Healthcare Workers, Nursing Team Building Activities, Healthcare Team Building, Nurse Team Building Activities, Office Team Building Activities, Work Team Building Activities, Office Team Building, Work Team Building, Medical Receptionist
5 Fun Team-Building Ideas for Healthcare Professionals
A key element of a successful organization is effective cooperation and collaboration. It's possible that your team needs a team-building exercise more than your company does. Read this HosTalky blog and learn how to conduct these fun team-build activities in your healthcare workplace.
The top half of this image shows hands typing on a laptop keyboard while like and heart emoticons emerge from the keyboard. In the middle of the image, there is a light blue rectangle, and within the rectangle, it reads “BLOG POST.” Beneath this is the title of the blog, “How The Media Affects Pre-Teens and Teens.” Below this is text saying “Benefits & Consequences.” At the bottom of the image is the link to the website “” Self Esteem, Social Media Is Not Real, Effects Of Social Media, Self Esteem Issues, Feeling Of Loneliness, Low Self Esteem, Body Image
How The Media Affects Pre-Teens and Teens
"Social media is not real life," but the consequences are. From low self-esteem issues to feelings of loneliness—social media has held a strong correlation with these problems. Click the link to read more about the positive and adverse health and social effects of social media on teenagers.