South Hill Designs carries Swarovski Crystal Birthstone colors. All crystals are 5.00 per crystal.
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Add some color to your personalized floating locket with our Floating Locket Birthstone Charms. Celebrate a birthday or just add some sparkle to your locket.


February- Amethyst is the symbolic stone for those of us born in February. It is said to still the mind and assure calm sleep. So if you are troubled by a restless mind, try wearing this beautiful charm in your locket and enjoy some peace.


Your birthstone is the diamond! Here’s an affordable way to celebrate your good fortune—wearing this beautiful “diamond” crystal in your locket.


May’s birthstone is the gorgeous emerald. Its refreshing green energy is said to revitalize the body and give inspiration. And of course, you can wear the crystal birthstone in your locket regardless of the month.


According to tradition, the birthstone for July is the amazing ruby. Its intense color speaks of passion, love, and everlasting fire. And this makes it the perfect emblem of eternal love.


This pink, translucent crystal represents Moonstone, the birthstone for June. Its calming energy is said to build self-confidence and tolerance to others. A sweet way to balance the other charms in your locket.


The peridot is the birthstone of August. With an intriguing, yellow-green color it was one of the favorites gems of queen Cleopatra, perhaps the world’s first fashion maven!


Siam has a special vibration for anyone born in January. It is said to promote good health and vitality, and may enhance your love life, too! Add this garnet-colored crystal to your locket for energy and good fortune.


Here’s a way to add energy to your locket! The golden topaz is the birthstone of November and it is said that it has powers to restore you both spiritually and physically.


September - Sapphire is the gemstone for September. This ancient stone is said to have a variety of powers to match its fabulous good looks, from protecting innocence to building courage to curing snakebites. Clearly an asset in any locket.