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Hotello offers check-in solutions that automate your customer journey from arrival to departure!
Hotello's Web check-in allows guests to complete the entire check-in process online before arriving at the hotel.
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Facilitate your operations by connecting your favorite solutions to Hotello
Upgrade to a complete PMS solution with an open API. Connect your softwares together easily and efficiently to optimize your teams’ management and your revenue.
the hotel website is shown with an image of a woman looking at her phone
We are delighted to count you among our most satisfied Hotello users!
It would be a pleasure to know more about your experience.
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Summary of all the Hotello news
Hotello at EquipHotel Paris and the Annual conference of Association Hôtellerie du Québec
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Transform your property with Hotello web-based PMS
A Hotel PMS designed to provide you undeniable advantages: - Intuitive, easy to learn and to use software for your employees - Web-based to access at any time - Automation of tasks to optimize working time - Complete guest management from booking to check-out and after
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Hotello helps hoteliers from the Pacific to Europe!
Hotello was present at the Food Hotel Tech trade show in Paris on June 7 and 8. Nearly 200 people came to meet us, to discuss our new Hotello PMS web-based.
the website for hotel management software, which is designed to help you plan and manage hotels
Multiple advantages that simplify your reservations' management
The availability calendar allows you to have an overview of your reservations but also the details of each of them whether it is information about the stay, personalized reservation and housekeeping notes and stay statistics and history.
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Hotello, the PMS of tomorrow's hotel industry
Summary of all the Hotello news
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They use Hotello every day and trust it to manage their hotel
“The best customer service in the computer industry. The software is easy to use and to learn.”
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Launching the new version of Hotello
a tree with an apple on it and the words, growth project will soon be cut
A new Hotello with even more zest! Teasing newsletter
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Email marketing: is it easy? - Mingus newsletter
an advertisement for the cloud computing service, which is being used to provide information on how it
To cloud or not to cloud? - Mingus newsletter
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New blog content - Mingus newsletter
the front page of an email application for credit cards and wallets, which is designed to
Connectivity - Mingus newsletter