Chantal Turcotte-Bourque

Chantal Turcotte-Bourque

Chantal Turcotte-Bourque
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Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups

Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups - Very flavorful chicken and asparagus dish with almost a hollandaise-inspired flavor with a little crunch from the Panko breadcrumbs. Quick and easy to prepare, the presentation is simple yet elegant.

With just some apple cider, apple juice, spices and booze, you can whip up a batch of this apple pie moonshine.

This apple pie moonshine recipe is sure to please anyone of legal age. Be careful though, this recipe makes a very smooth drink that tastes just like liquid apple pie. You have been warned!

How to Make Watermelon Moonshine (Step By Step With Pictures) – Copper Moonshine Still Kits - Clawhammer Supply

Watermelon Moonshine Recipe: 5 large watermelons, 2 pound of raisins, 4 pounds of cane sugar, 2 packets bread yeast (or wine yeast)

Make Mead easily and Successfully | Storm the Castle

This is a tutorial on how to make mead honey wine very easily and successfully. This is perfect for the beginner who never made mead but always wanted to.