beautiful, surreal, and supernatural landscapes
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a pink room with yellow flowers in the foreground and an open door on the far wall
Mirror Sculptures to Make You Look and Look Again
Pink and yellow make a dreamy colour collaboration and work together to create a bright and ultra-modern look.
many different colored papers stacked on top of each other with confetti scattered around them
The Red List
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an image of trees reflected in water with reflections on the surface and behind them is a fish
Nanna Hänninen. Painted Tree Series
two people are flying a kite in the sky with long hair on it's tail
blowing in the wind
the desert is covered in sand dunes
sand dunes
a circle is shown in the middle of a field with trees and water behind it
Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror
the snow is falling down and it looks like they are going to be taken by someone
juergen teller
long shadows cast on the snow in front of some trees and bushes with no leaves
None by Ali Shokri | علی شکری / 500px
Ali Shokri
an aerial view of the ocean with waves
mountain waves
black and white photograph of snow on the ground
Thomas Ruff - "photograms and ma.r.s." (2013)
Thomas Ruff, ma.r.s.05 III, 2012
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by mountains
Batangas Province, Crater of Taal Volcano, Postcard 1982
Taal Volcano, Luzon, Philippines
an image of a horse statue in front of some buildings
Souvenirs de Paris - Leslie David