How the DNS works

How the DNS works - a great animated video explaining how the Internet works.

How the Internet Works in 5 Minutes

HOW THE INTERNET WORKS:This video is a good explanation on how the internet works. This video shows all the little details that make the internet possible to see. I think that the creators did a good job and that there should be more videos like this.

Copyright - Basic facts about Copyright

Despite all the new sales channels available, basic human behavior has not changed and some traditional sales techniques will still influence your consumer’s decision to buy – you just have to adjust them to work online.

Clients and Servers - How Web Servers Work

How Web Servers Work

What is FireWire? - What is FireWire, and how does it transfer data so quickly? Learn how FireWire transfers information between digital devices and your computer.

High-speed peripheral connections on modern PCs - Network - Tech Explained -

High-speed peripheral connections on modern PCs

How Computer Networks Work - Interconnects

What Is a Computer Network Device and How Does it Work?

Computer - HowStuffWorks


Web 2.0

This video illustrates how Web technology can be a valuable tool for todays businesses, enabling employees to tap in to the people, resources and collect.