Joshua Howe

Joshua Howe

I am an architect of words, using only the most organic of materials. Also, I love basketball.
Joshua Howe
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Book: In which the Shire is ravaged by orcs before Frodo and friends drive them out.  Movie: In which that doesn't happen at all.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003 - Synopsis: Gandalf and Aragorn lead the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw…

Book: In which the protagonist is a boy anti-hero who kills children. Movie: In which that character is reduced to a bland hero archetype.

ENDER'S GAME: young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, a genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race in a previous invasion.

Book: In which a hater of Christmas learns the true spirit.  Movie: In which a Who found the mask from The Mask.

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE! How the Grinch Stole Christmas - recommended by Christy Bledsoe as one of her own favorite Holiday films. "This film is a traditional movie of one going from bad to good. It also has a lot of humor!

Book: In which a boy discovers a world of magic, dragons and high fantasy. Movie: In which there is a boy and a dragon. Yes, that's it.

Eragon - 2006 Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory, Robert Carlyle. The discovery of a dragon's egg puts a poor farm boy (Ed Speleers) on the path to his destiny to be a Dragon Rider and defeat an evil king (John Malkovich.

Book: In which Alice engages with a fantastical world that teaches her about growing up. Movie: In which the Mad Hatter is now front and center because ... Johnny Depp.

Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp. "You've lost your 'muchness'". I surprisingly really liked this version of Alice in Wonderland.

Book: In which there is much cleverly thought out plot concerning a man's quest for a star. Movie: In which much of the cleverly thought out plot is reduced to action sequences.

"Stardust" -- A young man has to find a fallen star in a magical land that borders his town. Stars Claire Danes and narrated by Ian McKellan. Also featured are Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro and Charlie Cox.

John Havlicek - "Havlicek stole the ball!" Celtics broadcaster Johnny Most's call describing the final seconds of Game 7 of the Eastern Division Finals is one of the most memorable in NBA history. Boston held on to a 110-109 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers after John Havlicek tipped Hal Greer's inbounds pass, intended for Chet Walker, toward teammate Sam Jones. The Celtics would go on to win their seventh consecutive NBA title. Eight-time NBA champion and 13-time consecutive All-Star…

Leading Boston Celtics guard John Havlicek stole the ball on the inbounds pass from the Philadelphia to secure the Celtics victory. The Celtics would go on to the NBA Finals, where they would defeat the Lakers in five games.