Blender breakfast smoothie

Banana and Almond Coconut Smoothie Ingredients: cup water cup unsweetened Almond Milk 1 medium banana, frozen 10 almonds 1 tsp. coconut extract scoops vanilla protein powder ice cubes (use more or less depending upon desired thickness)

Breakfast tacos

Breakfast tacos, from Heart and Stroke canada - full of Mexican flavour and under 400 calories make these a great way to start the day

Wild rice pancakes

Make your mother breakfast in bed! Try our heart healthy recipe for Wild Rice Pancakes.

Mini breakfast burritos

Recipes - Mini breakfast burritos - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Swedish knäckebröd

There is nothing better than to take a bite and hear the crunch, at the same time savoring the flavor- come and enjoy Swedish crisp bread!

Polenta with cranberry apple compote

Recipes - Polenta with cranberry apple compote - Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Pumpkin seed and walnut porridge (Ghana)

Worried about iron deficiency on the raw food diet? Kelly Marra tells us where and how to get enough iron on a vegetarian or raw food diet!