Canadian butter tarts with maple syrup

Canadian Butter Tarts - The earliest published Canadian recipe is from Barrie, Ontario dating back to 1900 and can be found in The Women’s Auxiliary of the Royal Victoria Hospital Cookbook

Canadian Stuff

It Works For Bobbi!: Free Friday- Canada Day Printable and Other Ideas

O Canada Graphic

Red and White - Beautiful First Nations Canadian maple leaf art.

Oh Canada!

Missing the capital of Canada, Ottawa!-----and most of the Provincial capitals.

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{Crafting Fun} DIY Canada Day Flag Handprint T-Shirts!

DIY Canada flag T-shirt.I have to make this for Aunt Wanda's Canada Day Party!


Canada Clip Art by Phillip Martin, Mountie

The Canadian Stache

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Thank You Canadian Forces Members

Picture of Bigfoot Bull Sentry Canada Goose Decoy

Bigfoot Canada Goose or SpeckleBelly Decoys for Yard Ornaments, Garden Decor Decoys, or Pond Art