"Peafowl" by Olivia Salazar 30 X 60 X 1.5" This hand-embellished image features a vibrant peacock done in bold turquoise and teals with a warm neutral pallet background. Peafowl $299.00

Peafowl Canvas by Olivia Salazar Painting Print on Canvas larger print

"Oiseau" by Giovanni Russo 59 X 8 X 3

This triptych features hand-embellished images of bird silhouettes set on a trendy abstract background with emerald and yellow tones. Finished in a thin black frame.

"Harmony" by Olivia Salazar  60 X 30 X 1.5"

Teal, turquoise and browns make the perfect background for the foliage in this hand-embellished piece.

"Balance" by Mia Archer 60 X 60"

This large piece has all the features of a traditional figurative grisaille with a contemporary twist. The dynamic movement of the figure is echoed in the energy of the broad and gestural brushstrokes.

Blowing Meadows $399.00

Ren Wil Expertly placed paper creates the perfect texture to each flower giving the illusion of flowers blowing in the wind making each fragile flower truly unique and special.