Eco-friendly Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Eco friendly. Made from highest grade of recycled PP (from used soda bottles, milk bottles, packing material, etc) Treated with U.V inhibitors and state of art conditioners for color fastness. Tightly woven tubular yarn promotes durability. Compare the weight of a b.b.begonia mat with other brands in the market. Easy to Clean. The yarn does not absorb dirt or stains. Leaves, mud or food spills are easily rinsed away with water and soap. Carefree and Weather proof.
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Seagull Outdoor Rugs

bb begonia - Stylish Outdoor Rugs I Patio Mats - Attractive Reversible Designs

Brick Lane: Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Brick Lane - - - A pleasingly simple stripe pattern in blue and red.

Frisco: Outdoor Rugs

Frisco - Frisco will remind you of the great outdoors with chestnut and winter wheat tones on a asparagus green ground color.

Fantasia: Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Fantasia - - - The oversized motif in hues of red against a brown ground is inspired by the Orient, and will cool you down even in a blazing sun

Galaxy Outdoor Rugs

Galaxy - A spray of white dots against the red ground creates this oversized band which we term as our galaxy.

Cotton Ball: Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Cotton Ball - The light and fluffy design of cotton ball does not mean this rug cannot stand up to hardy weather. The vibrant orange color is muted by the overlapping black, making this a standout design for your living space

White Swan: Indoor Outdoor Rugs

White Swan - The white swan is a gentle flowy leafy design in pre-dominant tones of green.

Fernando: Outdoor  Rugs

Fernando - - - Fernando Bring the Zen like effect with the blue and olive green combination.

Arctic Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Arctic - - - White leaves gently floating in the dark. This design is reversible and offers a dramatic contrast.

Monte Carlo Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Monte Carlo - - - Our ode to the twenties era design. This is an art deco design in classic black and white, an endless pattern that engages the eye.

Alaska Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Alaska - The fire tones of red are muted by white in this large floral pattern. The oversized floral motif changes color on either side of this reversible design.